Triple Espresso, a new Poland-based entity combining the passion for sport, expertise in gaming and effective marketing, proudly announces the forthcoming release of their debut game: Copa City. The strategy game aims to be the first football tycoon offering users the opportunity to organise matches between some of the top clubs on the planet in iconic cities. 

Copa City

Offering a fresh gaming experience, “Copa City” combines strategic thinking with sports-themed gameplay to deliver something truly innovative to the market. The player’s task is to prepare the stadium and the hosting city with its infrastructure for a great football match. The game introduces a revolutionary twist to the tycoon genre as players need to deal with ensuring safety and providing entertainment to the thousands of demanding football fans before the kick-off, utilizing diverse mechanics and strategic planning for a truly rewarding experience. 

One of the pillars of the project is the unique experience of the management crew of Triple Espresso, including founder and CEO Jakub Szumielewicz, former Legia Warsaw vice CEO from 2013 to 2017 when the team dominated domestic competition and qualified to the UEFA Champions League group stage in 2016. Beside Szumielewicz there were also Bogusław Leśnodorski (Chairman and Founder at Triple Espresso, former CEO of Legia Warsaw) and Dominik Ebebenge (vice CEO and Founder at Triple Espresso, former Director at Legia Warsaw) who stood behind the club’s successes. Reputation in the football environment convinced current and former Polish national team players like Mateusz Klich (DC United), Jan Bednarek(Southampton FC) and Pawel Dawidowicz (Hellas Verona) to support Triple Espresso in designing Copa City, the first football tycoon.

On the release day there will be six world class football clubs and three great stadiums available for the players”, describes Szumielewicz. “We are very proud that the football environment sees us as a credible partner and our innovative product has a real shot for market success. That was the main reason why we managed to sign licensing agreements with such top brands like Arsenal FC, FC Bayern Munich and CR Flamengo or the PGE Narodowy stadium in Warsaw. We hope to engage the community of players in anticipation as we will reveal the next clubs and cities between the announcement and the launch of ‘Copa City’”.

The game is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2025 on all platforms. 

“Our approach changes the rules significantly as we switch from the perspective of football players to recognizing the perception of football fans”, says Karol Leśniewicz (Lead Game Designer). “Taking care of the organization of a football match creates an unforgettable experience deeply rooted in the real emotions of fans that reflect the true spirit of football. Each decision taken has consequences and impacts both safety and entertainment not only of the visiting supporters, but also the neighborhood of the hosting-city. Brand new approach towards social, cultural and economic factors guarantees that each gameplay mode will provide a unique experience of organizing a football match.”

About Triple Espresso:

Triple Espresso is a newly established gaming studio in Warsaw, Poland. It is a team composed of industry veterans (experienced at Ubisoft, Techland, Blizzard Entertainment and EA Sports, previously working on titles such as “Dying Light 2”, “Watch Dogs”, “Pure Farming 2018”, “Builder Simulator” and “Airport Sim”), football experts (experienced at Legia Warszawa), as well as passionate gamers and creators, our mission is to create innovative gaming experiences while pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment, explains Anna Szamowska, CMO and Partner at Triple Espresso.

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