Back in March 2021, we sat down with Jayvik Patel to discuss his role as Digital Content Operations Manager at The FA.

Fast forward to the present day and he’s now Digital Experience Manager at Oracle Red Bull Racing – home to the 2021 Formula 1 World Champion, Max Verstappen!


Jayvik, you featured on Behind Sport in March 2021 and you’ve since changed roles. Tell us about your new role?

Wow, March seems like a lifetime ago now! So, my new role at Oracle Red Bull Racing as Digital Experience Manager is to deliver the best in-class website experience. I’m part of the Fan Engagement Team which aims to excites fans and bring them closer to the Team.


Football to Formula 1, what’s it been like changing the sport you work in?

I thought it would be very different however many aspects of one sport naturally suit another. One difference is the rhythm of the sport. So International Football beats to a different pace when compared to F1. Once the F1 season starts, the races come thick and fast so adapting your workload and priorities is key.


The Red Bull brand is renown around the world, what’s it like working in its Formula 1 team?

It is an absolute honour. It’s a very competitive sport and being at Oracle Red Bull Racing is a privilege. A well-known brand like Red Bull opens many opportunities for creativity and drives innovation.

It is one of the best aspects of working here, the working relationship with many local markets makes me feel like they are sitting right next to me. Also, I think F1 is the ultimate definition of ‘team sport’. Everyone, across every single department wants to deliver the best they can for the Team.


Oracle Red Bull Racing launched The Paddock last year, could you tell us more about it and what impact it’s made?

Sure, our loyalty programme rewards fans for everyday activities on our website, like reading an article or watching a video. They collect points and can redeem them to unlock access to unique experiences and incredible rewards.

We want to bring our fans closer to the Oracle Red Bull Racing team than ever before. We’ve got some great rewards and more exciting plans for the future. It’s great to see our fans share their excitement when they receive their rewards (view Reddit post) and over the coming year, so hope to make a big impact to our fans worldwide.

If you haven’t joined The Paddock, then start earning points today:

What do you love most about your job?

Being part of a creative and passionate team that wants to deliver the best experiences for our global fans.


What’s the best day you’ve had at Oracle Red Bull Racing?

Celebrating with Max when he became World Champion at HQ. The whole day was just amazing and it showed how much of a family we are at work.


What experience did you have before working in F1?

I was at The FA before I joined the world of F1, so both competitive sporting environments. I stumbled into sports as my previous roles at KPMG and PayPoint were in very different industries.

For me, the common denominator across my career has been technology and innovation. If it happens to fall into a sporting environment, then even better!


Can you describe in three words what’s it like to work there?

Exciting. Passionate. Creative.


That wraps up our interview with Jayvik Patel! A huge thank you for sharing insight to Jayvik for sharing insight into his move from football to Formula 1, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.