Glosancon-Sports, a consultancy specialised in sports events ticketing, is excited to announce the launch of its new online course titled “Sold Out: An Introduction to Ticketing Sports Events“. This course is designed to provide comprehensive insights into the dynamic world of sports event ticketing.


With over a decade of industry experience, Glosancon-Sports has developed a unique learning experience that covers essential topics such as Project Management in Ticketing, Strategy, Sales & Distribution Approaches, Ticketing Reporting, and Practical Ticketing Tools. These modules are meticulously designed to accommodate both students pursuing sports business and event management, as well as professionals in the early stages of their sports and event management careers.

Participants can expect to gain an improved understanding of the ticketing process, going beyond the traditional view of ticketing as merely a sales activity. This course emphasises the significance of ticketing in creating memorable experiences and its multifaceted role in the sports industry.

Glosancon-Sports Announces Launch of Online Course on Ticketing in Sports Events


A standout feature is the CPD certification, which assures that the course aligns with professional development standards and delivers real value to participants.

Glosancon-Sports is proud to contribute to the sports community’s educational needs and is committed to contributing to the development of future leaders in the sports ticketing arena. The course is now available for enrolment, inviting learners to explore the intricate and exciting domain of sports event ticketing.

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