Veo have launched a very cool campaign titled “Play For More: 50 Years of Hurt”. The campaign is tribute to women’s football – a celebration of the true love of football that Veo believe should be admired and respected across the world. Something we agree with entirely at Behind Sport.


50 Years of Hurt 

In the last 20 years, the women’s game has developed at hyper-speed. But the recent years’ shining progress can’t overshadow the struggle of the journey that women in football have faced throughout history.

Most European football associations banned women’s football until UEFA forced them to lift it. In England, the FA banned the women’s game for 50 years. From 1921–1971, no female footballer could play their sport at a ground affiliated with an FA member, effectively preventing organized women’s football. The campaign acknowledges the implication of the bans, amplifying the respect and admiration for every player, coach, and supporter of the women’s game.

The campaign kicked off in London, where the city was adorned by posters with the slogan “50 Years of Hurt Never Stopped Them Dreaming. 1971 Football Came Home”, a nod to The Lightning Seeds’ 1996 football evergreen “Three Lions”. Additionally, Veo give a number of women’s teams the opportunity to be supported with a Veo camera for a year by sharing their stories about what they play for.


Football is the beautiful game. At its core, football is a game played without an agenda. Playing the game should be an arena for dreaming, escapism, and the belief that nothing is impossible.

Veo help capture, share, and broadcast to make the beautiful game more exciting and inclusive. Play for More calls the rest of the world to join in dreaming and fighting for a brighter future for the sport. 


Veo’s continuous support of women’s football

Veo proudly support women’s football in various ways. Veo are sponsoring Lewes FC, the pioneering club that pays male and female players equally. This commitment to gender equality demonstrates Lewes FC’s and Veo’s dedication to promoting fairness and equal opportunities.

Through the partnership with Biggleswade United, Veo have removed financial barriers for the women’s team, allowing them to pursue their football aspirations without bearing the financial burden. This support opens doors for more women to actively engage in the sport and contribute to the growth of women’s football. 

Veo’s collaboration with Hammersmith FC is a testament to the commitment to women’s football. Through the Veo analysis tools, the club has utilized Veo extensively, improving their performance and decision-making, leading to promotion earlier this year.

Over 20,000 female teams use Veo today, enabling more than 500,000 women and girls to watch highlights, analyze their game, and share their biggest moments – a radical progression for equality in the world of football.

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