To mark the start of the winter football season, Gillette Labs has teamed up with actor, comedian and YouTube sensation Michael Dapaah and football icons and Gillette Labs ambassadors Raheem Sterling and Ian Wright for the series launch of BreakTime.



The new series delves into footballers’ lives on and off the pitch, shining a spotlight on their hobbies, as well as discussing the importance of taking breaks from everyday pressures. The debut episode sees Dapaah recreating his very own Gillette Labs’ commercial using the Gillette Labs exfoliating razor, under the watchful eye of Ian and Raheem. The duo are on hand to help direct the advert, giving Michael tips on using the product to help get into his flow in the most effortless way.

As part of the episode, the current and former internationals share their tips on breaking away from football.

Raheem Sterling, Gillette ambassador on how he spends his downtime: “As you get older you realise how valuable it is to take a bit of time when you need it. Now it’s the little things like a walk in the park with my dog and my son that give me the best feeling in the world”.

Ian Wright, Gillette ambassador on the importance of having outside interests: “Football is all consuming. Everybody comes up to you to talk about the game and that’s an incredible feeling, but it can also be intense, especially when you’re playing at an elite club. If you haven’t got something that can give you the release from the pressure it will consume you, so I’m always really happy to see players that have other interests, as I know how important that is”


The campaign also features a special edition episode of the popular Assumptions series on YouTube Channel UMM. The episode which airs on Tuesday 22 November, will see Ian asking Raheem a series of fan assumptions. The pair also sat down for an insightful chat sharing fun anecdotes about football and facial hair.

Callum Wood, Brand Director at Gillette said: “After Party Studios have created a compelling campaign that highlights the importance of taking a break from the game’s everyday pressures to help get into your flow. And who better to help drive that conversation, than two of football’s finest, who we’re proud to have as our long-standing ambassadors, Raheem Sterling and Ian Wright. Partnering with talent such as Michael Dapaah really brought the best out of Ian and Raheem and we think BreakTime is going to be a roaring success.””.

Joshua Barnett, Managing Director at After Party Studios added: “We’re thrilled to be working with Gillette Labs for a third time alongside H+K and P&G’s incredible partners. We’re always looking to bring the best talent into the world of branded entertainment, and Michael Dapaah is unquestionably a creator at the top of his game. Break Time is an incredible format, and Michael’s recreation of Gillette’s iconic TVC is the perfect example of how branded content should be done.

Watch the full episode of Breaktime with Michael Dapaah and Gillette Labs ambassadors Ian Wright and Raheem Sterling here.

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