“We design reputations. We relentlessly challenge the status quo. invent. reinvent. pioneer. We create stories and moments and ignite them with electric content.”

This is how Blueprintx describe themselves on their website and we were intrigued instantly. We had a chat with the founders‘ at Blueprintx all about the business, let’s dive into the latest instalment of SportsBiz Spotlight


So, tell us about Blueprintx…

Blueprintx is a marketing and management agency for brands and talent. We operate across sport, entertainment and lifestyle and have a singular core belief: reputation is the greatest commercial weapon.


Very interesting, when were you founded and what’s the inspiration? 

Blueprintx was founded in 2018 by former adidas global managing editor Rob Hughes and former talent director George Woffenden. The business was setup to offer editorial and commercial solutions to brands, talent and rights holders activating within sport, entertainment and now lifestyle.

The business has two core pillars: marketing and management which is reflective of the founders backgrounds and the gaps the business felt existed in the industry.


What’s your main purpose?

To bridge the gap between strategy, brand and talent. The role of talent in the marketing mix is largely towards the end of the funnel driving scale or association. Rarely do they sit at the front as decision makers, creatives or protagonists for the very work they are tasked to promote.

How talent is activated, the rights packages, communication mediums and measurement metrics all require constant evolution and Blueprintx was created to answers those question.


If failure wasn’t a possibility, what would be your biggest ambition? 

To redefine the standard of rights packages. The intersection between brands and talent are rights packages which often are so restrictive on both sides of the relationship and have been step and repeat with very little evolution since the birth of formal personal endorsements.

The setting of new industry standards in this area requires deep rooted change on both the brand and talent side and a marker needs to be set out to kick start the momentum of change.


What’s unique about Blueprintx?

We understand both the brand and talent narrative intimately. We deliver full service editorial strategy and activation for brands and manage brand strategy and commercialisation for talent.

There isn’t another agency in the UK that offers that and has built it from the ground up.


How many people work at Blueprintx and in what capacity?

We are an operational team of ten, in addition to support staff and freelances which we use on an ongoing basis and on bespoke projects.

The business is structured against our two core pillars of marketing and management where we have PR Managers driving our newsroom function, Community Managers delivering social media activation and Commercial Managers driving sales and new business for our talent and rights holder clients.


Who do you work with at Blueprintx?

Blueprintx has a unique broad range of clients against it’s to core pillars of marketing and management. On the marketing side some of our clients include Expedia, Hotels.com, Fuji Film and Spabreaks.com where we deliver a broad range of public relations, social media and influencer strategy and activation.

On the management side, we have talent clients across sport, entertainment and lifestyle from footballers Fikayo Tomori and Jesse Lingard, to rugby legend Joe Rokocoko, grime legend D Double E, Wellness Practitioner Maude Hirst and World Panna Champion Jack Downer.


Who would be your dream client? 

A dream client would be a brand or talent where we would be able to support in driving significant evolution.

A change evolution strategy for rights holder FIFA or taking pop culture founding icon Britney Spears and articulating her brand in today’s industry giving her a voice alongside the challenges she has faced would be good examples.


How can people connect with Blueprintx?

You can find out more about us at: www.blueprintx.co.uk or to follow our daily work go to: @blueprint__x on Instagram or @blueprintx on LinkedIn for corporate and brand updates.


Thank you to Blueprintx for sitting down to talk us about their organisation. If you would like to feature your sports based business or know of an organisation you would like to see feature on SportsBiz Spotlight, get in touch.