Edition 30 of SportsBiz Spotlight, we sat down with the guys Kairos Sports Tech to learn about their organisation and product!


Tell us about Kairos: what do you do, when was it founded, what’s the inspiration? 

Kairos is a cutting edge communications tool, built with elite sports teams in mind. Serving those with ambitious goals and a desire to drive performance everyday. Our purpose is to maximise the preparation stages that add up to the main moment: game day.

What’s your main purpose?

Our main purpose is to help elite teams level up their team communications and day-to-day operations.

If failure wasn’t a possibility, what would be your biggest ambition? 

For Kairos to be a household name in the top flights of sport while significantly contributing to the success of elite athletes and teams everywhere – from a performance and operations perspective.

What’s your USP? 

Our platform is available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Dutch – the accessibility it offers for players and teams globally is one of our best assets. Kairos offers teams the chance to make the platform unique and relevant to them and their team which adds a personal element that we’re extremely proud of.

How many people work at Kairos Sports Tech and in what capacity? 

18 with some new additions joining us over the coming months. We recently secured £500,000 of investment which will allow us to create new jobs as we expand our business across the US, Australia and Europe with the help of the funding from Whiterock Finance. It’s a really exciting time to be part of the company!


Do you have any clients? If so, who are your usual clients? 

We work with elite sports teams globally. The teams using our service are ever-growing as the word about us gets out there in the elite sports sphere. At the minute, our users are well-represented in the Premier League, EFL, United Rugby Championship, Australian Cricket scene as well as Australia Swimming, Fiji 7s and other international outfits. It’s great to see and we hope to continue growing internationally.

Who would be your dream client? 

We’re delighted with the users already on the platform, it’s incredible to work with these teams day in, day out.

However, to have a full suit of teams from a league using our platform would be our big goal. It’s great to have the majority, but we’re always pushing new boundaries as we evolve!

How can people connect with Kairos Sports Tech?

You can find us on LinkedIn and Twitter – this is where we’ll make any announcements or update our followers on recent developments!


Thank you to Kairos for sitting down to talk us about their organisation. If you would like to feature your sports based business or know of an organisation you would like to see feature on SportsBiz Spotlight, get in touch.