Pico is the latest platform to appear on SportsBiz Spotlight! The series is all about speaking to businesses in the sports industry and learning more about what they do.


Tell us about the business? 

Pico is a data-driven fan marketing platform that helps sports teams and brands gather and own first-party data on their digital audience thus allowing them to market to their audience on a 1:1 level/accordingly with highly targeted campaigns.



What does Pico do? 

We’re solving a really specific problem that most organizations aren’t even aware exists- that over 90% of a team or brand’s fan base is actually anonymous. Sports teams, leagues, CPG, and any brand with a digital audience have millions of fans that engage with them and their content on a daily basis. Whether they are engaging through social, in-App, or on a website, the engagement is great but it’s essentially anonymous; they don’t know with whom they are engaging because the digital platforms own the data and use it for their own monetary gain, so their fans who follow and interact with them daily, are essentially anonymous to the teams they love. The other 10% of a fan-base or digital audience comes from the “identified” fans, who have made some type of transaction that identifies them to the brand. Fans identify themselves to the organization through transactions such as ticket or merch purchases, online orders, signing up for a newsletter, membership, etc. What Pico is enabling is the ability to identify who those digital fans are in a fun and organic way, that provides a cool experience for fans and collects valuable first-party data for the organization. We do that through running interactive experiences that live natively on an organization’s digital channels. 

When was it founded? 

Pico was founded in 2014 by Asaf Nevo, Aviv Paz, and Roi Mozer and currently works with over 55+ sports teams such as the Nashville Predators, Borussia Dortmund, the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), to name a few.

From left to right: Aviv Paz, Roi Mozer, Asaf Nevo


What’s the main purpose of the organization? 

Pico’s main purpose and mission is to turn data-renters into owners, by changing the way sports teams and leagues look at digital engagement. We’re challenging the status quo by asking- yes you have great engagement, but what is that engagement really doing for you? Are you driving additional sales? Clicks to your website? Value to your sponsors? Are you adding new user profiles within your CRM/database? 

If failure wasn’t a possibility, what would be your biggest ambition? 

Our biggest ambition and goal is to become the number one fan-marketing platform that continuously helps brands capture, collect, and finally own first party data on their digital audience to not only know who is behind the digital engagement, but to better serve them with content that truly resonates with them. To continue growing their revenue by launching marketing campaigns that are a direct result and strategy of the captured data.  

What’s your USP? 

We manage the full journey of the fan experience as well as the journey for the brand in capturing and managing new data. We create the engaging content and gamification on the fan side, and then ensure that the data is captured not only safely, but correctly, by dividing, labeling and integrating the data to our clients CRM platforms. We then assist in analyzing the data to launch data-driven marketing campaigns.



How many people work at Pico and what capacity? I.e. job roles etc. 

We’re a team of 20 dedicated, passionate, sports fanatics with our HQ based in Israel and offices in North America. Our company is divided into several teams such as Customer Success, Business Development, Front and Backend Development, as well Marketing. Our team’s collective belief in the solution we bring to our clients inspires and drives us as an organization to grow and of course, perform. And we are hiring! https://www.picogp.com/careers


Who are your usual clients?

While our clients typically consist of sports teams within the NBA, NFL, NHL, Bundesliga, EuroLeague, CHL, Esports(with a solution for Twitch), and others, we are expanding into the CPG market and have a few interesting activations coming up.



Who would be your dream client? 

Our dream partners are those with engaged fans that can understand the importance of questioning, what is that engagement doing for the organization? For our business goals? That can see the value of owning first-party data and then using it to create highly efficient and targeted marketing campaigns. Partners that embrace innovation and a tech solution like Pico and are ready to undergo a digital transformation with us by changing the way they engage with their fans. 

How can people connect with Pico? What’s your website and socials?

You can visit us at https://www.picogp.com/ and chat with us on social on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. 

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