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Our very first guest is Rezzil and we’re speaking to Co-Founders and Directors, Andy Etches and Adam Dickinson!


What is Rezzil?

AE: Rezzil is an award-winning sports technology company. Founded in 2017 we’ve grown to a team of over 35 people spanning 9 countries.

Rezzil products are designed for players of all abilities: from beginners to the world’s best and is currently used by elite teams; such as Liverpool FC, LAFC and The French Football Federation to name a few.

Our products have been designed and built with the best talent from the football industry and have been tried and tested by some of the best players in the world.

AD: Rezzil is becoming even more outside the professional circle, for people looking for more than a calorie burn- real skill acquisition combined in a game.

Rezzil UK office


What does Rezzil do?

AE: In a nutshell, we give players that extra percentage mentally to keep themselves ahead of everyone else.

Recently, we’ve also released the first Rezzil at home training game – Rezzil Player 21.  We’re aiming to help turn people’s dreams of becoming great players into reality. Even if it’s just giving people the feeling of training like a professional.

AD: We use our experiences to solve real world problems and give you an unexpected solution.
We make sure everyone has fun while doing it.



What’s the main purpose of Rezzil?

AE: From an elite side, I really want to help build and maintain confidence in our clients. Confidence is rooted in being challenged enough in training so that you’re at ease with situations when it really matters.

One way we do this at Rezzil is by creating situations that are going to train your capacity to think quickly and make the right decision. Scenarios that are perhaps 130% faster or more pressured than something in the real world.  It makes the real world feel easier.

We also want to democratise access to high quality people and equipment too. The drills that feature in Rezzil have been built with insight from UEFA Pro coaches, Champions League winning players and medics who’ve supported World Cup teams. Thanks to the nature of the technology, we can provide access to the same methodology we use with the pros to people at home.

AD: Reach everyone and challenge the conventions in sport and games.

Rezzil Manchester United


If failure wasn’t a possibility, what would be your biggest ambition?

AE: I’d like to become a permanent fixture in every training environment – like Technogym. They’re the gold standard in their field and it would be great to be seen as the mental equivalent to them.

There’s the obvious step on from there to mimic the success of Wahoo and Peloton for the at home training market – we’re naturally aligned to them from an operational perspective; the only difference is that we work in the world’s most popular sport!

AD: Zwift is a superb model- taking Rezzil down the online competition route for everyone any time zone any location


What’s your USP?

AE: We are rigorously scientific throughout all stages of development. For example, our physics engine is as close to the real world as you could possibly get. Everything is researched and checked down to the tiniest detail. The data that it creates has timing measurements down to the a millionth of a second if you want to go that far.

It’s so objective and mathematical underneath it all – yet unlike most cognitive training; Rezzil is fun to use. Players constantly say things like “It’s like walking into FIFA”. It really is.

AD: You can train like a pro while playing like a kid.


How many people work at Rezzil and in what capacity?

AE: There’s the 3 founders first of all: myself; Adam and Gareth.  Then we have an amazingly talented programming and research team here in the Manchester HQ which includes team members with PhD level experience.

Our second office is over in New York. The team over there manage our operations across North and South America. They’ve got a team of around 20 now – and growing still despite the pandemic!

We’ve got representatives in other important territories too, like any other startup. They’ve been amazing in helping us understand local business and logistics.

AD: Our QA and testers are everyone we put in the kit, we shut up and listen. That’s a lot of people.


Who are your usual clients?

AE: Over the years, we’ve mostly worked with elite football teams. From the Premier League to League Two.  More recently though we’ve branched out into other sports like basketball and rugby, private training centres, gyms and of course the gamer market. We pretty much cover everyone now.


Who would be your dream client?

AE: We’ve already got mine to be honest! In all seriousness. To me the dream client is always the next one, the next user. Everyone who grows the business and makes it more available is a dream client.

AD: Cristiano. David Beckham in his prime. The future star we haven’t met yet and overlooked, identified through Rezzil!


How can people connect with Rezzil?

Insta: @rezzil.fc

Twitter: @rezzil_


Thanks to Sports Director, Andy Etches and Development Director, Adam Dickinson for talking to us about Rezzil – it was an absolute pleasure to learn more about your business.


Lastly, thanks to you, the reader, for reading our very first SportsBiz Spotlight! If you would like to feature your sports based business or know of an organisation you would like to see feature, get in touch!