Soccer Supplement, the company that specialises in creating supplements specifically for footballers are our latest SportsBiz Spotlight guest, they have recently announced both Harry Kane and Paulo Dybala as their new global ambassadors.

We sat down with founder and CEO, James Olsen and Commercial Director, Mark Britton to learn more about the business!

Tell us about the business? 

JO: We make supplements for footballer performance. Everything we do is about helping footballers become the best versions of themselves on the football pitch. Players at all levels use us from the Premier League to Sunday League.

MB: Soccer Supplement! We provide all the nutritional extras (outside of standard diet) that footballers need, from professional to Sunday league. We work globally and we have regional businesses/franchises in various countries too. Everything we do is football focused.

Soccer Supplement


What do you do? 

JO: I’m the CEO of the company so I make sure every part of the business is working together towards our long term strategic goals.

MB: I’m Commercial Director, and co-founder, I was the first one in the door after James had the idea and I’ve been along for the ride ever since. Loosely speaking every £ that enters the business is my responsibility, but I also deal with some of the intangibles of the company, managing relationships with our footballing partners, club partners, and just generally how we’re presented to the football market.


When was it founded? 

JO: The research process for the business started in 2015, we founded in 2016 and then launched in 2017.

MB: 2016, we launched in 2017 after a year of research and some eventful product testing.

What’s the main purpose of the organisation? 

JO: To help footballers perform on the pitch. Our products have a far bigger impact than the boots they wear!

MB: As above, really. Providing supplements for footballers.

Soccer Supplement x Paulo Dybala


If failure wasn’t a possibility, what would be your biggest ambition?

JO: To have our products in every footballers kitbag each week. There are over 300 million footballers worldwide so its a lot of kitbags!

MB: To provide the nutrition to every single football club in the world. Be the go-to name as much as Nike or Adidas are synonymous with Premier League and World Cup.

What’s your USP? 

JO: We start with the needs of footballers first and then create products around those.

MB: Tailored for football, we don’t try and create product which suit every sport, we don’t ask footballers to tailor their needs to meet our supplements, footballers come first and we create the products they need. 

Soccer Supplement


How many people work at the company and in what capacity? I.e. job roles etc.

JO: We are already very internationally focused have over 30 people around the world working for us in different countries.

MB: Between SSUK, retained support, international companies / distributors & franchise holders, it’s probably 30+.

Who are your usual clients? 

JO: Amateur footballers, professional footballers and clubs, retailers and distributors.

MB: Footballers, professional to Sunday league level, Champions League & J2 League, Scottish Division 3 to the MLS.


Who would be your dream client? 

JO: I’m a Manchester United fan so it would definitely have to be them! We will also be announcing some new retailer partnerships this year and hope to add more.

MB: For me, personally, when I did the Partnership with the Scottish National Team I was as proud as I could be, especially as we then qualified for the Euros 10 (unbeaten) games later, I would never claim any hint of responsibility but if my friends continue to insist I had an involvement I won’t fight them on it. Club wise? Probably a Champions League winner, whoever that may be, the feeling of seeing our half empty gels litter the floor of a post-trophy winning dressing room would be an amazing feeling.

How can people connect with Soccer Supplement? What’s your website and socials? 

JO: Soccer Supplement is on all of the socials and you can find me personally on LinkedIn. You can shop our range here:

MB: Search ‘Soccer Supplement’ into Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and you’ll find us. You can find me on LinkedIn.


Thanks to James and Mark for talking to us about Soccer Supplement – it was fantastic to learn more about the business!

Finally, thanks to you, the reader, for reading our latest SportsBiz Spotlight! If you would like to feature your sports based business or know of an organisation you would like to see feature, get in touch!