We’re back with another SportsBiz Spotlight, a feature that shines a light on fantastic organisations operating within the sport industry.

Our latest guest is The Football Trimmings and we’re speaking to Founder, Richard Tester!


What is The Football Trimmings?

The Football Trimmings is a football blog and content brand that focuses on the fringe topics of football, from stadiums to kits, city guides to fan experiences.

The Football Trimmings


What’s the inspiration behind The Football Trimmings?

Lockdown has provided me with an opportunity to kickstart my passion for writing and showcase my groundhopping experiences across Europe and beyond. I wanted to combine the two together and create a new football content brand that offered something different to what’s out there currently.

Our Instagram is the aesthetic side of the brand, showcasing different grounds, cities, artwork and shirts, whilst the website dives deeper into the beautiful game with its long form articles.

The Football Trimmings


What’s the main purpose of The Football Trimmings?

To help football fans across the globe discover new places, learn new things and reconnect with the beautiful game. The game is so rich and diverse, and we want to showcase this to the football community. If we’ve inspired someone to visit a new ground or learn something new about the history of the game, we’ve done our job!


If failure wasn’t a possibility, what would be your biggest ambition?

Going forward, I’d love to get involved in creating documentaries. Photos and articles are fantastic, but film can demonstrate things on another level. I’d love to do one on the match day experiences at London clubs, talking to the fans, souvenir stall owners and food caterers to get a real flavour of what a matchday experience in the capital is all about.


What’s your USP?

I’d say it’s the diverse range of topics that we cover. One week it’s all about the underrated city of Marseille (add this one to your bucket list!) and the next it’s about the best and worst kit sponsors in football. I also love history and the game has changed beyond recognition in the past few decades. Our recent article on the rise of Red Bull and the City Football Group reflects this change whilst asking some serious questions on the future of the game.


How many people work at The Football Trimmings and in what capacity?

It’s just myself! I manage the social media channels and write the articles (using friends and industry experts where necessary to verify stories). It’s quite the challenge but I’ve really enjoyed the research element of the job and seeing it all come to life.


Do you have any clients? If so, who are your usual clients?

I don’t have any clients currently, but I do work with two fantastic graphic designers (@pinkdodo_design & @ScoreDrawPrints), who’ve created artwork for our articles as well as new posts for our Instagram page. They both share the same passion for football as I do and have combined their love for football and talent to create new artwork brands.


Who would be your dream client?

I’d love to partner up with the likes of Copa90 and DW Sports, which have produced some fantastic short and long form documentaries in recent years. On the writing side of things, I’d like to branch out and write features for popular football magazines.


How can people connect with The Football Trimmings?

The best way to contact us is via our Instagram account @thefootballtrimmings or through Twitter @tbf_updates.


Thanks to Richard Tester for talking to us about The Football Trimmings – it was fantastic to learn more about your project!


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