Edition 14 of SportsBiz Spotlight is here! We sat down and spoke to Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu about his company, The Turmeric Co.


What’s the The Turmeric Co. all about?

The Turmeric Co. is a family-run functional health drink company. We formed as a start-up business and have grown to deliver the U.K.´s most potent functional shots to over 50,000 consumers, alongside an 800% revenue increase in 2020. We offer a diverse range to customers in the U.K., including immunity-supporting shots to fight common colds and seasonal flu, performance shots to sustain intense training, recovery shots to aid rehabilitation from illness or injury and mixed shots to offer all-round wellness support.

The Turmeric Co.
The Turmeric Co.


Tell us about the business, what’s the inspiration?

We founded The Turmeric Co. after I experienced the incredible benefits of turmeric in a bioavailable form first-hand, which essentially enabled me to return to my professional footballing career stronger and healthier than ever before.

Early on in my career, I suffered from bad injuries which consequently required surgery to rectify. Aged 17, after a second operation on my knee, the surgeon explained to my dad that I would probably never recover to the point where I could become a top professional in my field. Despite being prescribed medication from doctors, I was still left with severe inflammation and chronic pain whenever I played, exasperated through swelling in my knee. Research led my family and I to raw ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties such as pomegranate, ginger, and turmeric to try a more natural approach to relieve my symptoms. Taking this blend every day, I started noticing a difference.

Thomas in Arsenal’s Under 14’s squad.
Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu in Arsenal’s Under 14’s squad.


Our homemade shots didn’t have the synthetic taste and watered-down consistency of existing turmeric and ginger-based drinks, and I wanted others to be able to improve their health just as I did naturally. So, in 2018, The Turmeric Co. was born. Having developed this formula over 15 years, our core range of shots contain a potent 35g of turmeric, combined with an array of highly nutritious ingredients such as black pepper and pineapple.

Our inspiration stems from wanting to help others. Habitually drinking our shots daily has helped improve our consumers health by providing a raw, natural energy boost and vital nutrients to support their bodies to function. We operate around the values – honesty, positivity, innovation, ambition, passion and humility, and strive to be a market leader by offering the most effective, high quality and best tasting products available today.

The Turmeric Co.
The Turmeric Co.


What’s your main purpose?

Our mission is to create the best-tasting functional drinks that harness the power of natural ingredients, delivered through a convenient experience, to support individuals on their wellness journey. 

Thomas playing internationally for Wales.
Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu playing internationally for Wales.


If failure wasn’t a possibility, what would be your biggest ambition?

We aim to take our products global. 10,000’s of people enjoy our range daily, and our ambition is to make that 10’s of millions of people. Our whole team sees every customer review we receive, so we know first-hand the impact our range has on people in all walks of life, from elite athletes to grandparents and children. So, our focus remains on delivering supremely high-quality products that slot seamlessly into people’s lives, and the reward is leaving a positive, lasting legacy to the world through nutrition.

Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu, Marylebone, 05/08/21


What’s make The Turmeric Co. unique?

Our shots contain 100% raw, cold-pressed natural ingredients that have been purposefully selected and extracted in a method that keeps the highest nutritional value. The majority of turmeric-based health drinks on the market are ‘padded out’ with cheap fillers like apple juice, orange juice or water, but we don’t cut corners. Our customers deserve premium functional health products, which is why we are committed to providing only the highest quality turmeric-based products with unmatched bioavailability. We are also entirely U.K. based!

The Turmeric Co.’s latest addition, an all-in-one Raw Turmeric Vitamin C & D3 shot.
The Turmeric Co.’s latest addition, an all-in-one Raw Turmeric Vitamin C & D3 shot.


How many people work at The Turmeric Co. and in what capacity? 

We are a team of 20, with several additional specialists who support our various functions in being a fully vertically integrated U.K.-based business. Our workforce is segmented into the following core functions – production, operations & logistics, customer experience, digital and social marketing, partnership and commercial sales. Although each department consists of distinguished job roles, our team are all familiar with different aspects of the business, which contributes towards a dynamic and effective working environment. Coming from a profession where ‘team’ is everything, we have focused on building a team of ambitious winners committed to achieving our business goals. As cliché as it sounds, we really do function like a family.

The Turmeric Co.’s core range.
The Turmeric Co.’s core range.


Who are your usual clients?

We built the business as a digitally native vertical brand, facilitating a direct-to-consumer experience for our buyers with a focus on tailored customer journeys and personalised experiences. Working alongside the U.K.’s leading nutritionists, we have developed a range of versatile products that help people from all walks of life, ultimately wanting to support and enhance their wellbeing. We are also fortunate to have meaningful partnerships with sports teams and health organisations, with more to come, and to date are stocked in over 300 locations across the U.K.

The Turmeric Company drinks during the Sky Bet Championship match between Swansea City and Bristol City at the Liberty Stadium, Swansea, Wales, UK. Saturday 27 February 2021


Who would be your dream client?

We don’t necessarily have a ‘dream client’ – we believe our shots can support the health and wellbeing of anyone. Our mission is to provide as many people as possible with the tools to naturally enhance their wellness.

Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu speaking to Take FLIGHT event.
Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu speaking to Take FLIGHT event.


How can people connect with The Turmeric Co.?

We are active on all socials – our customers can even connect with us through WhatsApp!

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Thanks to Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu and The Turmeric Co. for providing insight into an exciting business making a real difference.

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