Ticketing is a vital cog in the live sport machine and without it, the experience we all love and know would be non-existent. But how do you actually get into a career in ticketing? Shah-Zeib Ahmed and Glosancon Learning have launched an online course titled ‘Sold Out: An Introduction to Ticketing Sports Events‘. We sat down with Shah to learn more about it.

Sold Out: An Introduction to Ticketing Sports Events


Tell us about Glosancon Learning and the new course you’ve developed? When was the business founded?

Glosancon (Portmanteau word: Global Sports and Consulting) was founded by Shah-Zeib Ahmed in 2022, following a decade of working in the sports business and ticketing industry as a service provider, rightsholder, local organising committee and consultant on notable events including recently at the Rugby League World Cup 2021, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023 and many more, to provide 360° Ticketing experiences and expertise.

Having taught and spoken at numerous academic institutions and industry forums both in UK and abroad and having also undertaken an academic qualification geared to the sports industry, Shah identified that despite the increase in popularity in sports and event management related courses, there was very little taught about the world of ticketing. It became clear to Shah to compile an introductory course on ticketing sports events and make this accessible to those, who have in interest in learning more about the sports business and event management industries.

How long has it taken to put together?

The course content was compiled over a lengthy period and in consultation with various students taught to ensure that it provides sufficient information to understand the intricacies of ticketing without going into too much detail.

The course has been trialed as part of capacity building initiatives with sports business stakeholders and market research was conducted to ensure an accessible and affordable pricing for the target audience.


Whats the main purpose of the ticketing course?

The purpose of the course is simple:

Participants are provided with an overview of ticketing, its importance in the industry, shown project management, strategy, distribution, reporting along with practical examples.

Ultimately, the course aims to equip aspiring sports business and event management professionals with both knowledge and tools to understand the multifaceted world of ticketing and that ticketing involves more than just selling tickets.

Who is the course designed for?

This course is specifically curated for sports business and event management students, as well as professionals in the early stages of their careers in sports and event management.


What makes your course different to what’s already out there? What is its USP?

This course stands out in several ways, making it unique compared to other courses in the market. Its unique selling points are as follows:

  • Affordability and Time-Efficient: Several online courses on sports business charge extortionate fees. The price for this course has been set with the target audience in mind, building on thorough market research, ensuring value for money and time. It is available on an online platform for self-paced learning.
  • Specialised Focus on Sports Event Ticketing: This course specifically addresses the niche area of ticketing for sports events, providing knowledge and insights that might not be covered in more general event management courses.
  • Comprehensive Modules Covering Various Aspects of Ticketing: The course includes modules on Project Management in Ticketing, Strategy, Sales & Distribution Approaches, Ticketing Reporting, and Practical Ticketing Tools with Examples. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded understanding of the field.
  • Targeted Audience: This course has been created for both students in sports business and event management and professionals in the early stages of their careers in these fields. This targeted approach ensures that the content is relevant and valuable to those specifically interested in sports event management.
  • Practical Insights from Industry Experience: The course is built upon over a decade of industry experience, which means it offers practical insights and examples, making it more applicable and valuable for participants.
  • CPD Certification: It offers CPD certification, ensuring that the content aligns with professional development standards and offers genuine value to its participants. This certification can be a significant advantage for professionals looking to advance their careers.
  • Brand Promise of Creating Memories: The course is presented with the ethos of “making memories,” indicating a focus not just on the technical aspects of ticketing but also on the experiential and emotional aspects of sports events.

These unique features combine to make the course a distinct and valuable offering in the field of sports event management and ticketing.


If failure wasnt a possibility, what would be your biggest ambition for Glosancon Learning and the course?

Our ambition is to bring sports business and event management professionals closer to the world of ticketing. By understanding its importance and the wide range of activities within ticketing we aim to bring more courses and ideally hope to see future professionals not simply land in ticketing by luck, but instead by making the choice of working in this exciting industry that creates memories.

How can people connect with Glosancon Learning? Where can they access the course?

We’d love to connect and you can follow our consultancy on LinkedIn.

The course is available currently at a promotional rate, for a limited period of time. Enrol now under: teach:able.