If you hadn’t noticed, football is back and that means clubs have been rolling out their shiny new matchday graphics for the new season. With so many clubs posting so many things it can be hard to keep up with who’s doing what.

So, we linked up with the team at End Product to bring you a Top 10 of matchday graphics packages from the European leagues. Get comfy, there are some belters in here.

Tottenham Hotspur

EP: First up it’s Spurs with a graphics package more fiery than Conte after a 96th minute equaliser. Retro borders and a high-contrast bold typeface. Cleaner than Kim Woodburn’s kitchen floor. Boring timezone graphics? Not for Spurs, creating crosswords that would keep yer da occupied for hours. Mind blown. 

matchday graphics

R.S.C. Anderlecht

EP: Siri “What’s Art Direction?”. 

Gucci graphics from Anderlecht. Admin’s jaw still on the floor. Minimalist art looks as good on Twitter as it would on a front cover in the business lounge. Magazine.

Salford City F.C.

EP: Premier League quality hits League Two social media feeds. Dirty Old Town meets clean new graphics. Bespoke Salfordian landmark illustrations and creative use of the 6-sided crest. Elite.

matchday graphics

Chelsea F.C.

EP: A good chef knows you only need a few quality ingredients, it’s all about how you use them. The lion, the blue, the white and a bold typeface. Nothing too fancy here but great results. And a personal favourite for the colourblind admin. Contrast. 

Manchester City

EP: Champion standards for the Champions of England. Had a wacky re-brand over the summer with the addition of neons and now it’s time to put City’s name up in lights. Line-up on eye level, left aligned, solid player photography. Technically perfect. These big hitters never miss. Reliable. 

AFC Ajax

EP: Ten Hag out but still Ten out of Ten on the graphics. Retro might be all the rage but Ajax are about the future. Typeface giving Ready Player One vibes. What does the code mean? Do we care? Futuristic.

Watford F.C.

EP: Watford are celebrating 100 years since achieving borough status and have gone full retro. Scrapbook style but this one is going nowhere near the scrapheap. Top class use of typography and textures taking us right back to 1922. Century. 

Atlético de Madrid

EP: One of the waviest kits of the year deserves a wavy graphics package and the Atléti team didn’t disappoint. Stare too long, we might get a migraine but we’ll take it. Big, bold, in your face. The Simeone way. Aupa.

matchday graphics

Manchester United

EP: No balls dropped by United’s brand design team here. Left-alignment, clever integration of kit design and a quality texture to raise the production values. Consistent. 

Venezia F.C.

EP: What can we say about Venezia that hasn’t already been said? All we know is that we are here for the vibes. Football on water, graphics on smoke. Haters gonna hate but Venezia never fail to do things differently. Sacked off imagery and gone as plain as you like. Will no doubt divide opinion, but you can’t say it doesn’t stand out on feed. Mamma mia.

matchday graphics


Thanks to the team at End Product for helping us pick out some of the best matchday graphics packages for the 22/23 season and narrowing it down to a Top 10! Have you got a favourite? Or have we missed one? Tweet us @BehindSport and @weareendproduct!

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