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Welcome to Industry Insider by Behind Sport! We’re speaking to Freelance Presenter, Will Brazier.

Tell us about yourself, what is your current role and what roles have you done previously?

Hello I’m Will Brazier and I’m a Freelance Presenter. I’ve been doing this for just over a year having spent three years at Social Publisher SPORF. Lucky for me going into the freelance world wasn’t too scary to begin with as I still retain two days a week with SPORF & then spent the rest of the week working with other publishers, brands and clients.


What do you do in your current role?

I’m currently focusing on the presenting, with SPORF that was helping produce & present our Magic Moments show promoting the Carabao Cup for the EFL. This was my first hosting role of a show for a full season was done with the BEAST, Adebayo Akinfenwa. I work on The Football Social with Football Daily & Soccer AM which is a watch-along show, it’s a core group of us and we usually get an ex-footballer to feature. I also do bits with BBC 5 Live & and whatever presenting roles come from Social Chain.


What does a normal week look like for you?

Usually start of the week with SPORF, Monday – Wednesday. Thursday & Friday, I spend focusing on my own stuff, from outreach, personal projects like my YouTube & admin. Then Saturday & Sunday is spent working for Sky & BBC usually.


How did you end up where you are right now? When did you know you wanted to work in sport?

I always have known, I just didn’t know what capacity. Growing up there only seemed to be one path which was through the BBC but with social media there opened up so many doors, there’s no hard and fast rules of what route to take now. I started producing at an internet radio show then made my way to Social Chain, where the gave me so many amazing opportunities to meet people, make mistakes & try new things out which is so important.


What are you excited about in your industry at the moment?

I write this at a time when we are in the midst of a pandemic, which at the start scared me as some work did get cancelled but for the sporting social industry, I think it’s acting as a reset button & working closely with SPORF it’s given us the chance to try things we wouldn’t usually & long term that’s going to put us in a better position.


What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to work in the sports industry?

Be nice to everyone you meet, no matter what role they do. Keep contact with as many people as you can & just be useful, if that’s getting work experience, or applying for roles.


You can follow Will Brazier on social media…

Twitter – @WillBrazier

Instagram – @WillBrazier


Thanks for reading our Industry Insider feature with Freelancer Presenter, Will Brazier!